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About Us

IIABA Chairman, Spencer Houldin's "State of the Association" address in Washington, DC. 
WELCOME to the Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut's web site--IIAC is a non-profit trade association, which serves the needs of independent agents in Connecticut.
The Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut was founded in 1899 as the Connecticut Association of Local Fire Insurance Agents.   The organization’s name was changed in 1913 to the Connecticut Association of Insurance Agents.   This name was considered more representative of the membership due to the expansion of the property-casualty business coverages and the increased presence of casualty and surety agents.   In 1975 the organization became The Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut to emphasize its members abilities to work with a variety of insurance companies and industry representatives.
The Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut has always been in the lead on important issues for agents.   The list is long as IIAC has worked with regulators and the insurance industry on important issues such as agent licensing, anti-rebate laws, ownership of expirations, banking and insurance, and agent compensation to name a few.
Today IIAC offers a wide variety of products and services to its members.   The education calendar offers a full assortment of choices for licensing, continuing education and advanced degree programs.   In addition, IIAC offers several insurance programs for our members that can be purchased to protect their agency business and insurance products that members can sell to their customers.
IIAC also offers technical and regulatory assistant to our members.  Technical advice is available at the staff level and through the Virtual University where you can “Ask The Expert.”   In addition, IIAC meets regularly with the Insurance Commissioner and department staff to discuss current market conditions and consumers issues.
IIAC is a strong advocate for independent agents at our state capital and in Washington D.C.   Whatever the issue may be, IIAC is the voice for independent agents as we represent the interests of our membership.   Our national association, IIABA is a predominant lobbying force in Washington and is constantly ranked among the top 10 of all the lobbying groups in the United States.   The Big “I” mission succinctly captures our purpose: “to provide independent agents with a sustainable competitive advantage.”   To accomplish that, IIAC is the unrelenting advocate on the issues that shape the environment in which our membership conducts business.   IIAC is the voice in the halls of Congress, the state capital and in boardrooms across the nation.