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PART 1: Prepare & Launch

1. Determine the internship needs of the agency.  

What type of work is needed? What type of projects need to be completed? What will the length of the internship be? Will they be full-time or part-time? What qualifications, skills or attitudes are desired? Should your intern be studying a certain major? Will the internship be paid or unpaid? These are all important and necessary questions you will need to ask yourself at the beginning of this process.
Tip  Students generally need 35-40 hours of work/credit hours if the internship is for credit. This varies by institution.
Tip  In almost all cases it is best to offer a paid position, if possible.

Internships can be broken down into two categories:

Internships for Credit
Each university is different, but offering an internship for credit is an added bonus in the eyes of students! This can make your internship more desirable over others, since students see it as a way to both earn credit and gain experience, but be sure to check the requirements specific to the college or university that you want to recruit an intern from.

Internships for Work Experience (not for credit)
A work experience internship is still highly desired by students, as they typically want to gain the most experience possible to help build their resume. Even though this category of internship is not for credit, most universities will still vet" the internship opportunity to make sure it will provide a positive and rewarding experience for the student.

2. Create the internship job description and prepare to post the internship.

Big I New York has created several sample Intern Job Descriptions to help get you started:


Before you post the internship, there are a few factors you'll have to determine first: your application procedure and who your agency contact will be.

3. Post your internship opportunity and find candidates!

Big I New York has developed a powerful relationship with SUNY Oswego, whose student population is statewide and degree offerings match well with our members' needs. We've provided several resources below to help guide you and streamline the process of posting your internship opportunity:

Submit your internship opportunities to SUNY Oswego here.  POST NOW!  

Your DIY Tool  General internship information for employers, provided by SUNY Oswego
Your DIY Tool  Post Your Internship for Free at the Big I Career Center
Tip  Local universities & colleges, along with insurance and business schools, are more great resources.