CE Requirements/ Checking Credits

Frequently Asked Questions
How many CE credits do I need? 
All licensed resident producers in the State of Connecticut are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education credits for each 2 year license renewal.  The credit requirement for the 24 hours is as follows:  3 credits for Laws, Regulations & Ethics (LRE), 6 credits for each line of authority (i.e. Property & Casualty and / or Life & Health).  The remainder of the 24 credits can be taken in any subject that the producer chooses, as long as the same course is not repeated within one licensing period.  These remaining credits can be any combination of LRE, L&H, or P&C.  
Newly licensed producers are required to complete a 3 credit flood program during their first compliance period.  This is a “one-time only” requirement.
If I take more than 24 credits in one biennium, will my excess CE credits be applied toward my next license renewal?
No, CE credits do not roll over to the next licensing period.  Once a producer’s license renews, the continuing education credits are brought back to 0 and the producer is required to begin again.
How do I check my CE credits?
Prometrics (Sircon) is the vendor for Continuing Education tracking for the State of Connecticut.  CE course information and individual transcript information can be obtained by accessing and proceeding with the following steps:
  1. Under “Quick Start for Agents & Agencies” select “Look Up Education Courses / Credits.”  This will bring you to an “Inquiries” page. 
  2. Select “Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry.”
  3. Select “Connecticut” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Enter your license number and last name and click “submit.”
You will now be able to view and print your transcript.