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IIAC recognizes that you and your staff are busy and time spent away from your normal work day is difficult.  That is why the Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut, in conjunction with the Big "I" Virtual University (VU) will now be offering live webinars approved for CE Credits in Connecticut.  New webinars are posted as they are approved.


Untangling the Work Comp Mess - Part 1 of 2

Workers' compensation is a relatively easy coverage to understand. Work compis work comp is work comp. The difficulty in work comp does not arise out of the policy but rather from the myriad statutes that surround and control how a work comp policy responds. April and June webinars combine to untangle many of these laws that cause problems.

Untangling the WC Mess - Part 1 (Course #111574 )
April 19, 2017 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Two key questions to be answered during in the April webinar include:

  1. What makes an injury or disease compensable under workers' compensation?
  2. Who is covered by the work comp policy?

The first half of the webinar details compensability and the second half details who is covered by the policy.

Those who take part in this session will learn and understand:

  • Which injuries are compensable and where gray areas exist;
  • The four types of "employees" (workers the insured is responsible for protecting);
  • Why entity type (corporation vs. partnership vs. LLC) matters in work comp; and
  • How contractual risk transfer can alter or be altered by workers' compensation.

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Untangling the WC Mess Part 2 (Course #111575)
June 14, 2017 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

When employees travel out of state for work, real work comp coverage gaps can exist; and these gaps could leave the employer without the necessary protection they THOUGHT they purchased when they paid their work comp premiums. Extraterritoriality and reciprocity are major work comp problems most agents don't know they have. Yes, every state provides extraterritorial work comp protection, but not every state recognizes that coverage – so many insureds are unknowingly blindsided by uncovered or improperly covered claims.

Some agents take Part II – Employers' Liability coverage for granted. They consider it just a "thrown in" coverage with no real benefit. But Employers' Liability protection fills major gaps between the work comp policy and the CGL. Without this important coverage, your insured could have a hefty out-of-pocket expense.

Attendees to this session learn:

  • What "extraterritoriality" and "reciprocity" are in relation to work comp;
  • How limitations in some state reciprocity laws create major gaps in work comp coverage;
  • How to fix these coverage gaps; and
  • Why employers' liability coverage is so extremely important

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Additional Webinars will be posted as they are scheduled 

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