RLI Personal Umbrella


​RLI’s stand-alone Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP) can provide up to $5 million worth of coverage above and beyond the insured’s underlying homeowners and automobile policies, which makes it a perfect solution for hard to place personal lines accounts.
  • No minimum volume requirements

  • No access fees

  • Self-underwriting application

  • Direct bill to the insured at renewal

  • IIAC members earn 10% commission on new and renewal business

  • Does not require or desire underlying policies

  • New and renewal business can now be paid with a credit card

  • RLI is admitted and A.M. Best "A+" rated

New RLI Personal Umbrella Underwriting Changes Begin June 1st!​

Major underwriting changes for the RLI Personal Umbrella policy will begin effective June 1, 2018The major changes to the eligibility guidelines are summarized below:

  • Drivers under the age of 20 will be eligible with one (1) incident (violation OR at-fault accident)Previously, drivers age 20-21 were eligible with one incident, while those under the age of 20 were ineligible. As a result, the yes/no question pertaining to a driver under the age of 20 with an incident has been removed.
  • Drivers under the age of 22 will be eligible with basic underlying automobile limit B (250/500/50 OR 300/300/50 OR 300 CSL). Previously, drivers under the age of 22 required basic underlying automobile limit of A (500/500/50 OR 500 CSL). Note that basic underlying auto limit A will continue to give a discount.
  • Up to $5M limits will be available for certain PUP Special risks. If a risk is in PUP Special due to the number of autos and/or properties (questions 1 and 2), and no other response(s) make the risk PUP Special, up to $5M limits will be available. Previously, any response that made the risk PUP Special was limited to $1M.
  • Up to nine (9) residential properties rented to others that are not occupied in whole or in part at any time will be eligible. Previously, ownership of six (6) or more of these properties was ineligible.  As a result, the yes/no question pertaining to six or more rental properties has been removed.
  • Simplification of the farm/timberland questionPreviously, RLI asked how many acres of timberland and/or land is farmed. They have removed that distinction and instead ask for how many acres of land are owned or leased.
  • Simplification of the target political figure question. In most states, appointed or elected political figures lower than the state level in a political subdivision with a population above 100,000 were previously ineligible. That distinction has been removed.
  • Increase of the prior liability loss amount for eligibilityPreviously, the prior liability loss amount for eligibility was $25,000. Along with re-wording the question to include open liability claims or lawsuits, the prior liability loss amount has been increased to $50,000.

All of the changes described above necessitated a new paper application. While doing so, RLI also clarified the wording on several questions and definitions. Click here for a copy of the new application to review. 

Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact your Connecticut Program Manager.

Rose Mullaly
Independent Agents Services, Inc.
30 Jordan Lane
Wethersfield, CT  06109
(860) 563-6510

Do you have additional questions on the RLI Personal Umbrella Program?  Here are the answers to the 20 Most Frequently Asked Questions.
If you are not currently appointed to write with RLI in Connecticut, please complete the Agency Contract and submit to Rose Mullaly.  Out-of-state agencies are required to also submit a copy of their Connecticut Non-Resident insurance license and a certificate of insurance for E&O coverage listing IAS, Inc. as a certificate holder.
For additional information, please either call (860-563-6510) or email Rose Mullaly for assistance.
For applications not using eSignature, credit card or ACH transfer, the original signed application and check (payable to "IAS") must be mailed to:
Attention:  Rose Mullaly
Independent Agents Services, 30 Jordan Lane, Wethersfield, CT 06109. 
Applications cannot be sent directly to RLI.
Policies are agency billed for the first year only.