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As defined by our Constitution and By-Laws
Article IV, Section 1
The membership of this Association shall be composed of independent agencies who have the legal ability to represent more than one company, properly licensed to do property, casualty and surety business in Connecticut, who shall pay an annual fee as prescribed, who shall subscribe to the Object of this Association and the Declaration of Principles as set forth herein, and who shall be members, at their option, of the local association of insurance agents having jurisdiction in their respective home towns or cities if there be any.
Annual dues are based on the number of producers in an agency.  A producer is defined as a licensed full-time property and casualty salesperson.  This does not include CSR's.  To follow is a schedule of annual dues:
1 Producer Agency - $   690
 6    Producer Agency - $3,810
2 Producer Agency - $1,325
 7    Producer Agency - $4,415
3 Producer Agency - $1,970
 8    Producer Agency - $5,050
4 Producer Agency - $2,630
 9    Producer Agency - $5,650
5 Producer Agency - $3,290
10+ Producer Agency - $6,240
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Please contact Warren Ruppar with any questions

Mail Membership Application and Dues Payment to:

Independent Insurance Agents of Connecticut, Inc.
30 Jordan Lane
Wethersfield, CT 06109