Young Agents

The Connecticut Young Agents Committee, established in 1974, is a vibrant organization committed to improving the insurance industry.  Recognizing the commitment and abilities of young agents and wishing to utilize these young agents to insure the perpetuation of the Independent Agency System, the IIAC Young Agents Committee seeks to:
Increase agency productivity through improving communication skills in sales, marketing and management.
Increase the membership and participation in the YAC and IIAC activities, events and educational programs.
Establish the young agents as concerned and participating members of the IIAC and the IIABA.
Thousands of young agents have taken advantage of the education conferences offered by the Young Agents Committee to increase their knowledge of insurance issues.   Your sponsorship allows us to maintain a superior level of educational opportunities.
In addition, the Young Agents encourage the perpetuation of our profession by sponsoring an annual ACSR / AAI scholarship.   Networking and recreational opportunities are provided at the Spring Conference and annual Golf Outing.
It is our sincere hope that the members of IIAC will continue to encourage and support our efforts and activities and thereby make our goals achievable.